Why Choose MOSC

1. Over 15 years involvement in elite sport with 11 years Physiotherapy Service to the Melbourne Storm Rugby League Team…

Rest assured you are in good hands with an expert in sports injury management & exercise rehabilitation

Don’t settle for anything less than the same expert treatment as Melbourne’s elite sports stars & your sporting heroes

Don’t risk your sports injury being misdiagnosed or mismanaged by a healthcare provider without elite level experience

2. We Specialize in post-surgical rehabilitation…

Feel confident you are getting the best result following your recent surgery.

Don’t jeopardize your rehabilitation/recovery by attending a therapist with minimal post-surgical experience.

Rest assured we always liaise with your treating surgeon to ensure your rehabilitation is optimal & personally tailored.

3. Close working relationship & links with Melbourne’s top Sports Doctors & Orthopaedic surgeons…

Don’t wait around for months to see that specialist, or get that MRI.

Fast-track your access to the latest medical interventions, scans & specialist opinions just like your sports stars.

4. Hands on approach to every condition treated – no exceptions…

We pride ourselves on providing high quality manual therapy and believe it has a role in every condition or injury treated.

When you book an appointment with one of our physiotherapists 100% of their time is dedicated to your treatment.

5. Latest technology in computerized foot assessments & custom-made orthotic prescription

We use the latest in gait scanning technology to thoroughly assess your foot, ankle and lower limb conditions and, if necessary, prescribe custom-made orthotics to improve your condition

6. Free sports injury risk assessment for sports participants of all sports, ages and participation levels.

Get an assessment before you or your children miss time due to injury

100% FREE – receive a comprehensive report on your injury risk profile

7. 100% money back guarantee

We’re not happy if you’re not happy. We offer 100% money back guarantee if you’re not absolutely satisfied wth our service. Let us take all the risk